Monday, December 29, 2008

Smoking in the Bubble

Today's New York Times is the latest media outlet to note President-elect Obama's struggle with tobacco, a habit he has so far failed to kick.

At the same time, other sources, including CBS News, have reported Obama's chafing at "the bubble," the combination of Secret Service imposed restrictions and news media interest in his every move that make leading a normal life largely impossible. Obama can no longer casually go out for a meal or a haircut or, as he noted for an assembly of sixth graders a few weeks ago, go to a Walgreen's.

Which raises the question: Who is Obama's pusher?

Obviously he cannot simply pull over the motorcade at a convenience store or gas station and hop out for a pack of smokes. Someone else is buying and supplying. Is Obama providing that person cash or offering some sort of political consideration in return? Is Obama receiving an undocumented gift? Has the accomplice been caught on security cameras doing the evil deed? Is that person himself or herself a smoker? Does acting as Obama's mule lend smoking an added dash of glamour? Do Obama and his pusher have a code word they use, a street name for the drug?

Investigative journalists, go to work!

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Kehilat Gesher said...

Can't wait to see what you write in June.