Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama's Popularity, McCain's Lack Thereof

The McCain campaign has rolled out a bold new tactic.

The latest charge they've leveled against Obama is this: He's the most popular celebrity in the world.

They put this accusation in a campaign ad. And to make sure the point wasn't missed, they held a conference call as well.

Could an exclusive with US Weekly be far behind?

So, let's get this straight. McCain and Obama are both candidates for this particular job that you win - apart from divine intervention by the Supreme Court - by being the more, well, popular.

Essentially, then, the McCain camp is charging Obama with ... positioning himself to win the election? Thank goodness he's brought this to our attention.

Since when has popularity been so unpopular with Republicans? Anybody remember this guy Ronald Reagan? Most popular president of my lifetime. Really, who'd want that kind of treatment?

By railing against popularity, McCain is once again aligning himself with the man whose job he hopes to assume, our current president, whose popularity ratings are so low the Gallup organization may need to recalibrate its metrics and come up with a polite synonym for "loathed."

McCain must be betting that he can tap into the collective American resentment of popular people, which most of us (the great silent unpopular majority) have harbored since junior high.

And who better than McCain to take a brave stand on behalf of all the unpopular people. Why, doing so might be just what his campaign needs to make McCain more, well, popular.

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