Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too little to worry about?

Not enough on our minds, maybe?

A bit too relaxed on a Monday morning?

Need to be jolted awake?

Maybe. Else how can we explain the decision to fly a jet – oh, not just any jet, by the way: Air Force One – low over Wall Street without any advance notification. Chased by two warplanes. Because, really, what's a low-flying jumbo jet over Manhattan without a couple of warplanes on its tail.

The FAA and NYPD knew in advance, of course. And made the decision – issued by memo – not to spill the beans. That would've spoiled the surprise. And thousands of workers would have missed the much-needed exercise they got evacuating skyscrapers.

So to do a quick crisis inventory, we've got the financial crisis (in various flavors), the foreclosure crisis, the automotive crisis, the global warming crisis, the Afghanistan/Pakistan/Taliban crisis, the ongoing healthcare crisis, the Social Security crisis and I can't even remember the other crises. Obama's going to have to grow extra hands to keep plugging the dike. And on top of all that fun, people in positions of authority gave a thumbs up to a federal photo-op within crashing distance of Ground Zero.

Maybe they were right. Someone does need to be jolted awake.